Kombi Full Service Restoration

Our Kombi full service restoration facilities include rust repair; complete body overhaul; internal restoration such as floors, seats and cabinetry; window seals and pop-out replacement; suspension modification.


Kombi full service restoration facilities

Our workshop is fully equipped with the right tools, equipment and a hoist. As with most facilities we also need to source spares and replacement panels for your Kombi (if neccessay), we know where to get the correct parts.

The stages of a Kombi full service restoration usually start with tackling any of the rust issues that exist. We may repair certain panels, or we may have to cut-out and replace metal parts if they are badly corroded.

When we replace panels or metal sections, we try and obtain replacement parts, but sometimes these are not available, or it is more economical to fabricate these metal replacement parts. We are able to do the fabrication here at ECK.

Kombis are generally quite robust and the design and mechanics are relatively simple when compared with the electronic and hi-tech components that are used in more modern vehicles. Even though Kombis are a lot simpler, there is still a myriad of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components that need to be considered when doing a repair or restoration to your Kombi. We have the experience and know-how to deal with the full service and restoration.

When we tackle any task, we will take into account the required end result, and make sure that no stages are skipped out so that once the repair or restoration is complete, you will be satisfied with the results. For example if an engine is taken out to do body work, we may suggest that the clutch and thrust bearings be looked at. It is also a good opportunity to check all the rubber boots that come off the gearbox, as well as check the cables and electrics within the engine bay area.

We are able to do a Kombi full service restoration, so call us for a quote on your rust work, modification or restoration.

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