Kombi IRS Conversions

The pre-1971 Kombis have rear swing axle suspension that drive through transfer boxes, then onto the main gearbox. Usually the final drive ratio in these gearboxes means that you don’t get much of a top-end speed on the highway. This set-up can be modified so that the rear suspension is Independent Rear Suspension (IRS), with a different gearbox, usually taken form a Beetle donor vehicle, or a specially geared up, Kombi gearbox.

When doing the Kombi IRS conversions, there are a number of options available, each one at a variable cost and unique installation procedures.

We can use components from other model Kombis and VW’s that will make up the final Kombi IRS conversions, this way, but the sourcing of the correct parts from other models is often a tedious process. The other option is to use IRS kits that are available to purchase, and then have a different gearbox installed with this IRS kit to complete the set-up.


What are the benefits of fitting Kombi IRS conversions?

The main benefit will be fitting of a later VW Beetle transmission. This will give you better syncros and shifting, a higher top speed (expect approx 70mph with a 1303 transmission and 1600 twin port engine.), Better fuel economy with a longer fourth gear. You will also suffer less from tyre wear on a more lowered bus over a lowered swing axle system. To sum up you will get a more ‘modern’ feel with the conversion.

When we do the Kombi IRS conversions we will make recommendations, and then source the parts or the complete kit. Alternatively you can supply the parts and we will do the conversion.

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