Kombi Restoration

The Kombi restoration process is usually planned according to the owner’s requirements. Some prefer everything to be restored to the original specifications such as colours, mechanicals and upholstery. Others want the Kombi restored, but choose their own colours and do modifications to the suspension and mechanicals of the vehicle. The restoration of the Kombi is done with a vision and we will turn that vision into reality.


Planning the Kombi restoration

Before the Kombi restoration starts we will advise on the various options, such as whether to sand blast the paintwork, or to sand and scape the old paintwork. Wherever possible we opt for getting the metal back to bare, and then apply the primer base paint to your Kombi.

There is a lot of planning, and it is equally important to buy the best quality replacement parts during the Kombi restoration. There are many different parts available that perform the same task, and we will make suggestions on what will work best for your Kombi.

The Kombi is the longest standing model of any car ever made, so taking care to do a professional restoration is important because Kombis and their demand will be around for a long time to come. Once completed the vehicle can be enjoyed for many years and should appreciate in value, which is contrary to the values of most other makes of cars, over their lifespan.

Usually Kombi owners tend to keep their Kombis for a long time, and some want to do their restoration over time, step-by-step. Others want to restore their Kombi completely within a few months from the ground up, all this depends on your budget and your requirements.

We understand what is required to do a professional Kombi restoration, so call us for a quote on your rust work, modification or restoration.

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