Kombi Rust Repair

The average Kombi that’s running around Australia is over 40 years old. Naturally a lot of these Kombis have developed rust issues. Kombi Rust Repair is one of our specialities.

Sometimes Kombis will show rust from the outside panels, but mostly the rust process occurs from the inside, and often there is rust under the paintwork, that cannot as yet be seen just by looking from the outside of the Kombi.


Our experience doing Kombi rust repair work

We have lots of experience in doing Kombi rust repair work, and the first step for us is to find the areas that are rusting and expose the rust by taking off the paint at the affected areas. Once the rust has been exposed the corroded metal work needs to be replaced, and in some cases if the rust is surface rust we sand back and then cover the metal with a special rust preventative paint or primer. Once all the Kombi rust repair work has been done we then make sure all the metal work is straight and smooth and we go to the final paint stage.


How Rust Works

Essentially if bare metal (excludes certain metals) is exposed to water and oxygen, then they combine with the iron to form a weak carbonic acid, which is an electrolyte. As the acid is formed and the iron dissolved, some of the water will begin to break down into its component pieces — hydrogen and oxygen. The free oxygen and dissolved iron bond into iron oxide, in the process freeing electrons. The electrons liberated from the anode portion of the iron flow to the cathode, which may be a piece of a metal less electrically reactive than iron, or another point on the piece of iron itself.

The chemical compounds found in liquids like acid rain, seawater and the salt-loaded spray from snow-belt roads make them better electrolytes than pure water, allowing their presence to speed the process of rusting on iron and other forms of corrosion on other metals.


The above photo shows a Kombi that has bad rust issues, almost everywhere.. …this Kombi is being totally rebuilt by us. We are using replacement parts wherever we can, but we are also fabricating much of the metalwork. Not all old Kombis need as much work as this one does, some just have rust in the usual places, such as the sills, door dog legs and gutters.

We understand what is required to do lasting, professional Kombi rust repair, so call us for a quote on your rust work, modification or restoration.

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