Kombi Suspension Modifications

As with all the choices when doing any repair or restoration, the Kombi suspension modifications are an option too. Some Kombi owners like to maintain the original ride height and the original suspension set-up, however a Kombi just does have a better stance and improved highway tracking when the suspension has been lowered slightly. The Kombi suspension modifications can be done in such a way that the ride height is adjustable too.

Many Kombi owners also narrow the beams for a better ‘look’ – which is subjective really. We can do the narrowing work, and then advise on how to go about getting your Kombi engineered by the relevant Roads Dept. (who approve any modifications done)


Kombi brake modifications

We feel that the Kombis manufactured after 1971 have adequate brakes, however the standard Kombis built prior to that have drum brakes with single circuit hydraulics, which does not bring the Kombi to a stop as well it should. We can do the Kombi brake modifications by either adding a booster or fitting disc brakes. There are kits available and we would do the fitting for you.

The overall ride and comfort of the Kombi relies on many aspects. We check and repair all of these if need be. Items such as the shock absorbers need to be checked. Some Kombis were manufactured without stabiliser bars (sway bars) – we can fit them too. We check the suspension and other rubber mounts throughout. Doing only the Kombi suspension modifications often isn’t all there is to making the ride smooth and steady.

Getting Kombi suspension modifications done

We understand what is required to do a professional Kombi suspension modifications, so call us for a quote on your rust work, modification or restoration.

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